Language Lu for Android

Learn a language with Language Lu. Learn Chinese; Learn English; Learn French; Learn German; Learn Spanish; Learn Korean; Learn Japanese with Language Lu - all in one app and all FREE. Language Lu lets you learn to read and speak your favorite foreign languages from native speakers! All learning categories are FREE. All learning categories are done by native speakers and NO registration is required to use this app. Also included is a Quiz feature to test your oral and written skills after you learn them. Use the Translate feature to translate any word or phrase that’s not found in categories done by native translators and also play the audio of that translation. Note that the translation feature is done by computers, not humans, so the accuracy may vary by phrase.

The Language Guide provides quick access to the most commonly used phrases needed to learn the basics of a foreign language. It is also an excellent resource for leisure and business travelers that need travel guide assistance when traveling abroad.

The learning categories done by native translators include: Greetings, Directions, People, Places, Date and Time, and Numbers.

Visit the Settings menu to select a language pack to download and start learning your favorite language for free. The Chinese language pack is installed by default.

  • ★ Learn European and Asian languages in the same app
  • ★ No gimmicks to get you to try 3 or 4 categories for free only to have you pay (or register) for the ones you really want!
  • ★ Native translators
  • ★ Six categories and over 225 free learning items total for each language - ~1600 total for all languages combined - and more coming.
  • ★ Default app install includes localization for several languages including English, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Spanish, Korean and Japanese
  • ★ Text and audio - all done by native speakers including Asian language romanization scripts: pinyin (Chinese mandarin), romaji (Japanese), and romaja (Korean)
  • ★ Multiple languages to learn - all in one app!
  • ★ Phrasebook
  • ★ Easy to use user interface
  • ★ No more installing multiple apps to learn the languages you like
  • ★ Install language audio packs individually to save storage space and time downloading
  • ★ Phone and tablet support
  • ★ Text is selectable so you can share it
  • ★ Works offline too (note: translation feature needs to be online)
  • ★ Quiz yourself to see how much you learned - or just for fun!

Languages available to learn:
  • ★ English
  • ★ French
  • ★ German
  • ★ Chinese (mandarin/simplified)
  • ★ Spanish
  • ★ Korean
  • ★ Japanese


Name Email Contribution Website
Chelsea D. Chinese and English translation and voice over
Kanako Parsons kanako_parsons AT tokyogirltravel DOT com Japanese translation and voice over Website
Elance profile
Adeline O. French translation and voice over
Barrett I. barretti34 AT gmail DOT com Spanish translation and voice over Elance profile
Hannah Meylahn info AT meylahntranslations DOT com German translation and voice over Website
Mingjung M. Korean translation and voice over
Qu B. Graphics
Angela Graphics
Kyle Web design

Language schools:

Name Email Region Website
Chinese World Mandarin School laurawang AT chineseworldxa DOT com Xi'an, Shaanxi, China Chinese World Mandarin School

Language Lu license agreement:

License agreement